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Watch Out For Log Home Pests

beetle, log home insects

If you have a log home, you may have already encountered the problem of pests and insects. Even if you haven’t, keep an eye out for them and regularly check your wooden surfaces for tell tale signs of pest infestation. They are a nuisance and getting rid of them can be a breeze or a nightmare, depending on the kind of pest. Read on to learn more about common pests that can invade your log cabin. Adult insects lay eggs on the wood surface.

Freshly cut logs or dead trees have insect larvae that tunnel into them, weakening the fibers and opening the wood to moisture and rot fungi. The larvae feed on starch reserves in the wood that were formed when the tree was alive. Most of these insects cannot infest live trees because of their natural defenses. Trees that are destined to be logs of a log home can become infested while they are still in the forest. Or in other cases logs become infested after they are debarked and used in construction.

Either way the problem of pests must be addressed with every home before extensive structural damage is done. Fortunately there are relatively inexpensive ways to prevent this damage. Some of the common log home pests are:

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