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Log Cabin Fireplaces – Light Your Fire

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Latest numbers show that over sixty percent of all new homes constructed have at least one fireplace now. Log homes especially are incomplete without fireplaces. Most log home owners love the warm glow of a fire from either a wood stove or fire place. The cold weather seems more bearable with a cozy fire going in the fireplace or wood stove in your log home. Besides adding to the value of your cabin, both are a low cost heating alternative. There is no universal agreement on what kind of fixture is best for a log home, whether an open, wood-burning fireplace fits better or a wood stove the more utilitarian option? Today there are several energy efficient fireplace choices, such as vented and non-vented fireplaces, gas stoves, wood burning stoves and zero clearance fireplaces. Each may be appealing for varying reasons and it is best to decide what is best for your log home after careful research.

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