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Make Your Log Home Winter Ready

Time to Make Your Log Home Winter Ready

Now that fall has officially arrived, with the trees changing color and the crispness in the air, it may be the perfect time to get your log home prepared for the cold weather ahead. You may be sad to say goodbye to the sunny skies or looking forward to getting your woollies out, either way you only have a month or so to get your home ready for the changing seasons.  Your log home endures weather extremities, temperature changes and regular wear and tear of the changing seasons too. In order to protect your investment and avoid costly repairs later, you must undertake seasonal maintenance. Depending on your climate the fall season may be too late to prepare if it gets cold quickly.  Regardless of where you live, get a jump start by doing a check-up of your roof and logs before the winter cold, with these helpful tips. With the right measures in place, you do not have to worry about what is coming your way.

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Log Home Maintenance: Prepping Your Log Home For Summer

Lazy summer days are upon us and it is time to open your summer log home for the season but before you do it may require some maintenance work. The warm weather makes summer a perfect time to concentrate on getting essential maintenance and repair jobs done either by you or a log home professional, to keep your log home durable and attractive for years.  You can have your vacation home prepped and ready for some summer fun and relaxing by following these tips:

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How to Care for Interior Log Home Walls


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Wood is one of those materials that just looks better the older it gets. That said, it still requires adequate care in order to maintain its good looks and keep homes clean, secure, and properly insulated. Old, damaged, dry-rotted wood doesn’t do anyone any favors– if you have interior log home walls, it’s important to properly care for and maintain them.

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