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Log Home Deck Design – 12 Things to Think About Before You Build

Drill laying on wooden deck

All log homes need a deck or porch as a standout feature of their home to define what lies within. With summer about to arrive, everyone is ready to soak up the warm weather and enjoy the outdoors. Nothing is better than a log home deck to add value to your property and also allow you and your family to make use of it frequently to get the most of the great outdoors. Before you start digging, you have to plan and design your deck to go well with your log home.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before building your dream deck for your log home:

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Add Sunshine to Your Log Home with a Solarium

forest and floor

Many log homeowners love enjoying an overlook of the stunning landscapes and beauty of nature. There is no better place to take in the radiant scenery or the natural beauty of the outdoors than from the comfort of your own beautiful log home. A solarium is a room built mainly of glass to allow sunlight into your home. A classic glass solarium can be added to perfectly accent your traditional or contemporary log home with just the right measure of warmth and symmetrical finish to match.

Advantages of Adding a Solarium

Solariums may be just the right addition to your log home. Here are some reasons to love solariums:

Sensible and fitting the sunroom creates a new dimension to any log home. It may even become the focal point of your home, seamlessly inviting the picturesque outdoors in.

With a sunroom, you can relax in an environment of warmth and natural flood of sunlight, without even getting out of your favorite armchair. Solariums designed to enjoy the maximum sunlight exposure, naturally warm up from the sun’s rays.

Glass panes in a solarium ensure energy-efficiency, as the room gets enough natural light during the day. You do not need to turn on the lights as much, and this ensures savings on your energy bills.

Solariums are ideal for growing plants all year long. Tending to plants indoors may enable you to defend them from harmful pests and harsh environmental conditions.

Doctors recommend sun exposure for at least 20 minutes a day to help the body produce essential Vitamin D naturally. Relaxing in a sunlit solarium, maybe with a cuppa or your favorite book, can vastly improve your overall health, as Vitamin D is crucial for cell regeneration, good bone health and absorption of calcium. Delay those joint aches from osteoporosis by reinvigorating yourself in the sunroom.

Many people experience winter depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that occurs from not being exposed to enough sunlight during the winter months. They turn to distasteful artificial lights in place of sun exposure.  But the best option when it comes to getting natural sun exposure is solariums that can help you de-stress and lift your mood.

Having a solarium may add to the properly resale value of your log home and it makes for a convenient and cheap way of adding much needed extra space in your log home. With an extension of your living area into the sunroom you also get soul and leisure along with space in the log home of your dreams.

You can creatively express with your sunroom, and design the space for a breakfast corner or an entertaining space. Some people fulfill their dreams by installing a hot tubs or Jacuzzi in their sunrooms for the ideal relaxation retreat. Depending on the size and space available you can use the solarium, as you please to turn it into you dream room.

With so many benefits on offer, if you don’t have one already, let some sunshine into your home with a custom built solarium! Do remember that solariums and your log home need regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking beautiful and new through the years.

As the best log home builders and repair experts, we at Performance Log Finishers know how to handle your building project expertly. Call us at 800-781-2551, to keep your log home looking extraordinary through all seasons.

Tips To Reduce Allergens in Your Log Home

Woman with allergy symptom blowing nosePeople who suffer from allergies and asthma may get no relief from the sniffles even in their homes because of the presence of indoor allergens such as dust mite, mold growth, spores, and pet dander. Studies have found over fifty percent of homes have above six allergens that trigger symptoms of allergy. Log homes are affected by these allergens too, as they are usually air-borne and can be found on the wooden floor, furniture and surfaces of the house. Building a solid log home with weather tight construction is the first step in keeping allergens at bay. While it may not be possible to completely keep your log home allergen free, there are various ways of reducing the level of allergens present in your home, to make breathing easy.

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