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"We bought our log cabin four years ago. It was a total wreck from years of neglect - carpenter ants/bees, water damage/staining from leaking roof and skylights, etc. But it was six beautiful acres with a private lake one hour from the city... Before we made the decision to tear the house down and start over, we met Ian and his team.

They literally "camped out" in the house for six weeks and totally stripped/stained and resealed the entire house! Four bedrooms, two full baths, great room, kitchen, hallways and the entire outside- including a wrap around deck- was refurbished and protected. And Ian has stayed in touch every year. He just checked on us and this past summer re-sealed the home’s exterior.

The house is our weekend refuge from our insanely, busy workweek. We are there almost every Friday night. The stress just melts away as we pull onto our road and see the perfect house up on the hill overlooking our lake. It's great to know we have someone like Ian if we have any issues. He's always reachable and does a great job!"

Judith Sampson

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Storm & Hurricane Damage To Log Homes

During the hurricane and storm season many homes in America’s southeast are damaged. Thankfully log homes are strongly engineered and usually stand up very well to violent winds, torrential rains and pounding hail. There are numerous accounts of log structures remaining standing when a storm destroys everything else in the immediate area. Even the most stoutly built home will take some damaged during a storm, log cabins being no exception. After a strong storm or hurricane it is important to inspect your home for damage or call us at 800-781-2551 for a free inspection by one of our log home repair experts.

Typical Cabin Damage Done By Strong Storms

While log homes stand up well to storms, they may bedamagedwhen subjected to Mother Nature’s fury. After a strong storm you should look for certain things. If you see any of these items you should call a log cabin repair expert like We Fix Log Homes immediately. Types of damage or suspicious items to look for are:

  • Leaks in the roof or between logs
  • Logs that have been damaged by flying debris
  • Loose shingles, gutters and roofing material.
  • Cracked windows
  • Windows and doors that don’t close or open easily
  • Water that does not bead on the exterior logs
  • Soil that has been piled against the house
  • Logs that seem wet or water logged
  • Chinking that is cracked
  • The deck is not level, or has shifted
  • Gaps between logs
  • Mildew or rot on logs

Log Cabin Storm Damage Repair Services

If you have found damage to your log home you should call us immediately. We will come to your location and perform an inspection at no cost to you. If problems are found, you will get an estimate for repair of those damages. We will even support you as you work with your insurance company and make sure that your home is put back to the way it was before the storm or hurricane. Our goal is to ensure your happiness, so we have partnered with many companies to not only give you the best repairs but also make sure they are done at the lowest cost possible.

Performance Log Finisher’s experts have completed hundreds of storm and hurricane damage repairs to alltypes of log homes. Visit our testimonials page to see what others say about us.Some of our past customers will even let you call them to find out more.

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