Log Finishes & Sealants

Exterior log home finishes and log sealants can make your home look its best and protect it from the punishing weather in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama. A good finish will provide protection from UV damage, water damage, mold and mildew. Performance Log Finishers uses advanced log sealing and finishing products to make your log home beautiful and weather resistant. Using the high quality log home finishes your home will gain the following benefits:

  • Provide the best-looking finish and distinguish your home by highlighting the grain and texture to bring out the natural beauty of your wood.
  • High-performance polymers encase the wood fibers in the logs to protect the surface, where protection is most needed.
  • A flexible coating expands and contracts to accommodate seasonal expansion and shrinking of the logs.
  • Pigments and Ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors help extend the life of the finish and provide long-term protection against harmful UV rays.

Traditional Finishes Can Damage Your Log Home

Conventional exterior finishes build up layer after layer of pigment on the wood, making your house darker each time you apply another maintenance coat. More advanced finishes gives you the choice during maintenance coats to use pigmented and/or clear topcoats.Advanced stains breathe to allow the wood to dry naturally as they protect wood from absorbing moisture from rain and humidity, which also helps to minimize checking.

Professional Perma-Chink Applicators

Professional Log Sealant & Finish Application

Contact Performance Log Finishers by calling 800-781-2551 to apply a new coat when your finish has lost its sheen or it no longer repels water. Remember, it’s not always necessary to refinish your entire log house. Maintenance coats can be applied to only those walls where it is required.


“We would like to thank Performance Log Finishers for the wonderful job they did restaining our two story log home in North Carolina. The job went well from start to finish. The quote provided was in writing, and very detailed. Ian answered all of our questions promptly, and returned out calls quickly. The crew arrived early in the morning, and worked hard all day, every day. It amazed us how they continued with such a strong work ethic, despite very cold weather and even light snow. The crew finished on time, and the cabin looks beautiful. Thank you so much, Performance Log Finishers for a job very well done! So different from past experiences. We highly recommend you.”

— Walter and Natallie B.