Media Blasting

Media blasting cleans the surface of logs, removing dirt, debris and old or worn finishes. It is also used to restore the original appearance of your log home. In some cases, media blasting using sand or glass may be a more effective way to clean log surfaces before stain application.

Advantages of MEDIA Blasting

Media blasting is a waterless process using “silica free” crushed glass media that is safe for your plants, shrubs and the environment. Glass media is an effective blast media for cleaning log homes without damaging the wood surface. It’s virtually dust free, biodegradable and cost effective.

Types of Media BLASTING

Most common types of media are: Walnut, Corn Cob, Glass and Soda Blast. Our preference is glass media. We have found some organic products could potentially leave protein on wood surfaces causing mold to grow under the stain. Restoration experts select grit size and amount needed for log home blasting based on condition of wood logs, surface area to be blasted and degree of cleaning required.

Media Blasting – Leave It To The Pros

Media Blasting needs to be done with great care with heavy-duty commercial equipment. Proper protection, including an air intake system, and OSHA approved protective media blasting gear must be used to protect the operator. Media blast experts will avoid fixating on one particular area for too long as to “eat” through the log.

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“Performance Log Finishers did a wonderful job. I wish I had used them when the home was originally constructed. It is now 12 years old and had water damage. They repaired the damage and the house never looked so good, even new. I highly recommend this group.”

— Duke W.