Log Home Inspections

You are purchasing a new log home or you already own a cabin and you are concerned about its maintenance.

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Log Cleaning

Your log home has gone several years without care. Now you may be seeing the signs of age including discoloration and fading.

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Media Blasting

Media blasting is the best technique to maintain and preserve the exterior wood of your log home.

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Log Finishes & Sealants

Exterior log home finishes and log sealants can make your home look its best and protect it from the punishing weather in Florida, South Carolina,

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Storm Damage Repair

During the hurricane and storm season many homes in America’s southeast are damaged. Thankfully log homes are strongly engineered and usually stand up very well

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Log Home Chinking

Log home chinking can be done during construction or years later to keep the interior warm and airtight. Chinking conserves energy and protects your log home from insects.

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Insect Damage to Logs

Owners of log homes sometimes mistakenly blame insects for damage caused by wood rot. Rotting logs are what usually first attract a wide variety of bugs to your home.

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Log homes that are built in 2005 or later Typically have a foam gasket, which has been applied in the tongue and groove system as a log home is constructed.

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Log Maintenance Specialists

Your log home is a major investment. Performance Log Finishers want the best maintenance for your home to make sure you can enjoy it for years to come. We work exclusively on log homes in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee. We can repair and maintain every type of log home and log building structure no matter what type of wood used. A few types of log homes we have experience working on include:

We are here to help you get your log home investment back in shape with our complete line of repair services. If you are just looking to keep up with your yearly maintenance you can choose any of our property maintenance services including roof, decks, fences, sheds, garages, flooring and more. Performance Log Finishers offers you a complete property maintenance solution.


“We bought our log cabin four years ago. It was a total wreck from years of neglect – carpenter ants/bees, water damage/staining from leaking roof and skylights, etc. But it was six beautiful acres with a private lake one hour from the city… Before we made the decision to tear the house down and start over, we met Ian and his team.

They literally “camped out” in the house for six weeks and totally stripped/stained and resealed the entire house! Four bedrooms, two full baths, great room, kitchen, hallways and the entire outside- including a wrap around deck- was refurbished and protected. And Ian has stayed in touch every year. He just checked on us and this past summer re-sealed the home’s exterior.

The house is our weekend refuge from our insanely, busy workweek. We are there almost every Friday night. The stress just melts away as we pull onto our road and see the perfect house up on the hill overlooking our lake. It’s great to know we have someone like Ian if we have any issues. He’s always reachable and does a great job!”

— Judith S.