Let our team of experts provide you with an onsite thermographic inspection. This will help identify all the high risk areas that can cause water leaks, air/heat loss in your home.

Log homes that are built in 2005 or later typically have a foam gasket, which has been applied in the tongue and groove system as a log home is constructed.

Over time the logs will season, expand, contract, and cure. This leads to large gaps in the once tightly fitting tongue and groove system. This also causes the foam gasket to become ineffective.

What is Thermography?

For our purposes, Thermography is a method of viewing building materials through the use of an infra-red camera to detect temperature differences. These images are then analyzed to make recommendation for repairs. This allows our customers to visually see where the leaks are located on the home.

What can be Accomplished?

  • Target specific spots of water or air leaks thus saving money by being able to directly seal the specific spot of concern instead of a whole wall that is not needed.
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Increased life of HVAC Equipment
  • Elimination of Insects
  • Better Air Quality
  • Greater Comfort
  • Find Water Leaks – Sometimes!!
Performance Log Finishers offers expert log home restoration services that can bring a damaged or neglected home back to life. Your log house can shine like the day it was new. To prevent problems from causing even more damage to your log cabin contact us at 800-781-2551 if your home has indications of any of the below:
  • Structural damage
  • Damaged Logs
  • Insect Damage
  • Log Rot
  • Fading Logs
  • Missing or Cracked Chinking
  • Greying or Mildewed Logs
  • See the complete log home restoration process by watching this video.


“We highly recommend Performance Log Finishers; they did everything they promised and more. They were very easy to work with and great attitude, from owner and all the workers. They had great workmanship and quality.”

— Mr. & Mrs. Furr Dade City, FL