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Designing Ceilings For Log Homes

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Log cabin interiors should exude a sense of luxury and a state-of-the-art finish ceiling can help it do just that.  A unique and original ceiling design can give your living room or the dining area, the kitchen or the bedroom an individual character to impress one and all. The ceiling is unfortunately a sad afterthought in most log homes because most people think it does not require much attention. But ceilings massively influence the look and feel of a room. Wood ceilings may seem like a foregone conclusion in a log home but even drywall or plaster ceilings can dramatize the space in your home. Your ceilings have a big impact on your log home interiors, so do focus on the types of ceilings you can opt for. Your log home can really stand out with beautiful cathedral ceilings, exposed beams, or gorgeous wooden board details. When designing your custom log home, make the most of the ceilings to add charm to your space. Read further to know about the types of ceilings that work best with your log home’s design. 

Wood Ceilings

The warm and luxurious look of using wooden boards for the ceiling works really well in the living or family room of your log home. Wooden ceiling compliments any log construction. When it comes to creating warm, cozy interiors for your log home, nothing works as well as wood. Wood ceilings can be used to make a bold design statement and it can also be used to create texture and add dimension to your rooms.  A wood ceiling does make a room seem more intimate but it inevitably also makes the space feel more enclosed and dark. But you can find ways to light up and brighten the space by choosing a softer wall color or adding lighting fixtures. However, wooden board ceilings are perfect for a cathedral-ceilinged big room for entertaining guests or as a grand log home kitchen. Wood ceilings can make any space look grand but not too open. The warm, natural look of a wooden ceiling can be complemented by including natural elements in other areas of the room too.  For example, you can use river rocks for edging around your fireplace instead of smooth ceramic tiles or rustic slate flooring to balance the glow of the wood ceiling.

The type of wooden board you choose also impacts the overall look of your room. Ceiling boards range come in a variety of sizes from four to ten inches width. Larger boards have a rustic appeal while narrow boards work better in contemporary design. There are different edge profiles for ceiling boards too such as square, beveled or V edges. Square boards neatly blend into each other, while V-edge boards draw attention, and beveled edge boards are somewhere in the middle. All wood feel of interiors in your log home definitely has a traditional charm but you can also contrast the wood ceilings with your furnishings and decor. It is also possible to color stain wood ceilings for depth. While you do not have to go overboard with color stains, you can still add accents to your ceilings with a dual-tone.

Drywall And Plaster

Many people mistakenly believe that a log home has to be all wood, but that is rather conservative. There are many design options if you want to avoid the traditional all-wood look for a contemporary and modern feel for your interiors. Drywall ceilings are the best way of modernizing the feel of your room. Drywall ceilings offer limitless color options since you can paint them any color of your choice, from moody dark colors to plain vanilla or even bold color statements. For a space with a lower ceiling, like a bedroom then drywall or plaster ceilings may work better because these materials free up the space, while still making it feel homey. The general rule is that the color for ceilings less than 9 feet tall should be a few shades lighter than the wall color, whereas for taller ceilings, you can go darker primarily because darker colors reflect less light.

Are plasterboards suitable for designing log cabin ceilings? Plasterboard has a high resistance to fire, more so than timber, which is a vital consideration in ceiling construction. Plasterboard comes at a cheaper price than timber too. Plaster also has an appealing texture and in dark areas where natural light may not be available it can add the feel of light and space. Therefore, plasterboard in light colors work well in rooms with low ceilings.

Fusion Designs

You can also combine wooden ceiling features with plaster or drywall, as in a tray ceiling featuring a recessed area of ceiling. The ceiling is constructed with drywall but the transitions are decorated with wood. It is also possible to use timber accents in vaulted ceilings for the living area or a duo-tone post and beam ceiling for the kitchen, or boldly painted drywall ceilings in the bedrooms. You can even try a custom design for spectacular ceiling for your great room, and a more understated look for the rest of your home.

If you have any questions about ceiling or design options for your log home, then please contact us at Performance Log Homes to learn more.



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