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Log Home Maintenance: Prepping Your Log Home For Summer

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Lazy summer days are upon us and it is time to open your summer log home for the season but before you do it may require some maintenance work. The warm weather makes summer a perfect time to concentrate on getting essential maintenance and repair jobs done either by you or a log home professional, to keep your log home durable and attractive for years.  You can have your vacation home prepped and ready for some summer fun and relaxing by following these tips:

Clean your logs

Summer may be the best time to perform a maintenance cleaning for the exterior of the logs to remove dirt, stains, insect residues and spores that cause mold or mildew on logs. When not tended to, these unsightly contaminants on the exterior of your home can affect the durability of your logs and damage the finish. Clean logs breathe better and dry out more readily with the summer heat. You can use a diluted mixture of 1 part bleach to 4 parts water to clean the logs. Wash well with clear water after to remove the bleach salts, which is food for fungi. You can use a hand held garden sprayer for applying cleaning agents.  Clean from the bottom of the logs all the way up to prevent wet streaks.  If need be, consider a fresh coat of finish and preservatives on the clean logs to protect and extend its life.

Inspect for gaps and damaged logs

Logs retain some of the water, when the house is being constructed. In the coming few years as the logs dry, they shrink and settle and gaps show up.  Gaps are common in any log homes, so closely inspect between the logs for gaps or light between log courses, especially in corners and where the roof meets the log wall.  Check for worn sealant or signs of decay or damage. You can reapply sealants or caulk and chink to fill cracks. And damaged logs should be replaced by a log home professional.

Protect your home from insects

Insects and rodents are especially active during summer. As it is log homes are at risk from rot fungi and a variety of insects like carpenter ants, termites or beetles. Check the exterior of your home, for signs of insect activity, such as burrowing holes, sawdust piles, etc. Fortunately protective treatments to prevent damage from insects are relatively inexpensive and focus on ways to minimize damage. Caulk any cracks or insect entry holes and seal them off to prevent moisture from entering. Borate treatments or insecticides can help to destroy fungi and insects.

Trim shrubs and trees near your home

Get your pruners ready for trimming landscaping such as shrubs, bushes, and trees too close to the house. These shrubs, perennials and trees trap moisture and prevent proper air circulation, which promotes mold growth on the logs. Logs also tend to retain moisture from the nearby foliage which also speeds up log rot. The dead vegetation around your log home can become a feasting ground for rodents and insects, so best keep the area around your home clean.

Remove Debris

Check for debris around the house and the roof.  Clean the debris off of the roof, and also around the foundation to help protect your log home. Check for anything that might be clogging your gutters too.

Clean Your AC System

Summer may be a good time to replace your furnace filters, to enable better clean air circulation in your AC system. Remove debris from the condenser coils and wash them with water to remove dirt in order to keep the airflow system running efficiently.

Don’t forget to stock the fridge with some cold refreshments for the summer. Now kick back and enjoy the natural setting of your log home getaway.

If you have any questions about log homes, or would like to learn more about maintaining your log home or cabin, please contact We Fix Log Home, to learn more.

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