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Consider these things before styling your log house kitchen

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There is no denying that the kitchen is the epicenter of every home. Therefore the kitchen design deserves careful thought and planning. Log homes have diverse designs and even the kitchen style can be anything from elegant and rustic to modern and bold and everything in between. It can exude the classic rustic charm with an all wood design that is commonly associated with log cabins or it can be really contemporary and versatile. Log cabin kitchen designs are limited only by your imagination and the personality you want it to showcase. Log home kitchens can embody any aesthetic you want it to – it’s all in the details from the appliances, the countertops, the cabinets, the flooring to the lighting and the layout. You can even play around with texture and color combinations, to come up with whatever kitchen style you want. Here is our list of some popular design trends associated with log home kitchens.

Floor Plan

You need to choose a kitchen floor plan that suits your lifestyle. The floor plan will depend on the room size dimensions, where the kitchen is situated in the house and the layout design. Some of the design principles you should keep in mind are- Related things should preferably be grouped close together.

  • There should be visual alignment among every element in your kitchen. Nothing should be positioned without any thought.
  • You can use contrast to make dissimilar elements stand out.
  • When colors and layout styles are repeated it gives the kitchen a consistent look and feel.

Traditional Log Home Kitchen

The quintessential rustic log home kitchen packs in as many rustic features as possible. Being consistent with the warm wood feel throughout the house, the traditional log home kitchen usually has hardwood flooring- maple, hickory or cherry. The kitchen’s décor too and the rustic accents pieces can fit in really well with the overall traditional log home theme. For instance, an overhead pot rack to show off the cookware, simple wood cabinets to match the flooring or log bar stools for the kitchen island can subtly give off the perfect rustic kitchen vibe.

Kitchen In The Center Of Your Home 

Open floor plans are a huge trend in log home designs, which is driving the adoption of open style kitchens where the fine line between living areas and the kitchen is blurred.  The kitchen is no longer an area relegated just for cooking but it becomes an active living center in the heart of the log home. A lot of people prefer to have more counter space even in smaller homes so that they have a bigger working area. Keeping kitchens large and open really works well as part of a smart but small, well-designed log home.

Slate Floors

Kitchen flooring should ideally add to the overall look of your home and be easy to maintain in the long run. The flooring has a way of drawing in the eye by either dulling or sharpening the look of your kitchen overall. Traditionally hardwood flooring, tile floors, vinyl flooring, linoleum, laminate, and more have been used in kitchens. But stone flooring has become a popular choice of late in log homes. It is durable and will last as long as the house. Slate floors for the kitchen creates an informal mood and being a natural stone it fits in really well with the casually decorated wood house. Slip-resistant finishes are just right for use in kitchens and there is a trend to use sandblasted stone, which yields a textured finish. Slate flooring provides a warm, welcoming and more modern contrast in natural, log homes.


Cabinet styles can change the look of a kitchen. It dictates the tone for the rest of the log cabin. There are many cabinet styles you can choose from, such as country, modern, or traditional cabinet styles. Your choice of cabinets is extremely crucial in the kitchen design because you have to coordinate the look of the rest of your kitchen around it. Your cabinets no longer have to be a pine finish. Think of the color tone or the wood stain you want. Monochrome cabinets are all a rage now for its clean and finished look. Designers are using off-white or black to counterbalance the natural wood color. Will your cabinets have glass panes? Even the height and placement of the cabinets can change the look of your kitchen.

Quartz or Granite Counters

Kitchen countertops can create a lasting impression. After all they are highly visible and can therefore enhance the general appeal of your kitchen. There are different kitchen countertop materials to choose from such as quartz, marble, concrete, solid surface, tile counters, granite and more. Think of the kind of look you are trying to achieve and whether it fits in with the style of your kitchen. You can either choose countertops that complement another similar element in the kitchen, or go for contrast with the walls, cabinets, or floors. Granite or quartz countertops are a huge kitchen trend now because of their natural and organic look. It really fits in well with rustic or classy look of a log home. You can choose wild patterned granites for contrast or plain quartzes to tie in different elements in your kitchen.

Mix Things Up

Your kitchen can even pull together a wide range of materials together to create a modern kitchen within a traditional log home. A satin-smooth granite top and a unique shaped island can offset the brown tone of a log home.  You can combine a stainless steel sink and modern appliances or an industrial-style stove in a traditional style kitchen for a contemporary but timeless appearance in your kitchen space.  Subdue the rustic charm by mixing classic elements into a modern backdrop. Play around with texture, modern colors and finishes for a stylish kitchen in your log home. Ultimately you have unlimited design options- think it and build it!

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