Thank you and all of the team at Performance Log Finishers. What a great improvement we have made in this house. Everyone was professional and the crew worked like Trojans. If you need me as a reference please let me know. I highly recommend Performance Log Finishers. I enjoyed working with you throughout this project. Thanks again.
My log home is less than nine years old, but Florida's brutal weather-hot sun, thunderstorms, hurricanes-was taking its toll. Working grueling 12-hour days, Justin and Carlos restored my home to its natural beauty. Jason joined the crew during the last couple days of the 10-day project and worked equally hard. The crew sandblasted, washed, stained, rechinked as necessary, and clear-coated the logs, rebuilt the back porch, and painted both front and back porches. They kept me in the loop for each day's progress and politely answered all my questions.

I would highly recommend Performance Log Finishers for repair and restoration of any log structure.
Melinda S, Fruitland Park, Florida
I just want to thank you as I will thank the guys - the experience with them was nothing but wonderful. They were professional, informative and just great to talk to.

Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday season.
Karen S.
We would like to thank Performance Log Finishers for the wonderful job they did restaining our two story log home in North Carolina. The job went well from start to finish. The quote provided was in writing, and very detailed. Ian answered all of our questions promptly, and returned out calls quickly. The crew arrived early in the morning, and worked hard all day, every day. It amazed us how they continued with such a strong work ethic, despite very cold weather and even light snow. The crew finished on time, and the cabin looks beautiful. Thank you so much, Performance Log Finishers for a job very well done! So different from past experiences. We highly recommend you.
Walter and Natallie B.
Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to making our “Cabin”, beautiful. We are already the talk of the neighborhood. You know how we must love that attention. It has been a pleasure having you as part of our family for a few short weeks and the truth is, other than having our home and yard back, we hate to see you go.

You are good, trustworthy people that are, not only amazing at what you do but, also a pleasure to work with. Doug and I wish you continued success in your business. We can only hope you are available the next time we need Cleaned, Caulked, Stained and Sealed.

If you need any type of reference feel free to have them call us. I have included a couple of Facebook comments to us, from our neighbors, as they watched the action happening at our home. Very funny!

“Your house looks amazing on the outside!!!!! I am sure the inside is looking just as good”. Amy

“I think someone came in the middle of the night and put a new log cabin across the street”. Ann

With sheer pleasure we thank you,
Doug and Jeanne D.
My wife and I own a 28 year old log home in Valrico Fl. Over the years we have had rain damage in one specific corner of our house. We were unsure of who to use to repair and restore our home, due to the fact that not everyone is experienced in the repair and construction of log homes, so my wife began a search on the Internet in hopes of finding a suitable, licensed and insured restorer.

What we found was a listing of contractors, builders and restorers located in Central Florida, one of which I called is a contractor/developer. I asked him if he knew of anyone that he could recommend to help us with our situation. He gave me the name of Ian Wenzel of Performance Log Finishers, but did not know specifically about his quality of work, he had his business card and would contact him for us, asking that Ian in turn would contact us. Ian called me soon after and we discussed his experience and the type of repairs we needed. Ian made arrangements to visit our house in order to provide us with a detailed estimate of our repairs.

Ian came to our house, viewed the damaged corner, the type of wood that was needed for repair and how our home was constructed. We spoke for a period of time about his past experience and learning the log home business in construction and restoration from the ground up. He had worked for several builders and from this experience started his own business 12 years ago, and felt that he would be able to repair and restore our home to our satisfaction. During this visit and throughout the work. Ian was respectful, courteous and professional.

Ian and his co-worker Jaypeth came to our home and actually had to remove 13 rows of interlocked logs in the damaged corner and completely replace the 13 rows of logs. Each log had to be hand cut and notched, on site, in order to interlock again, as they had been when the house was new. Removing this corner, doing the cut down work, installing and fastening the new corner was accomplished in a day and half. Except for the newness of the logs versus the original color and age of the existing logs, the corner was rebuilt to be exactly as it was when it was new. Ian and Jaypeth also did some roof repair and some work on the porches, again all due to water damage. Whatever the need Ian was able to accomplish all the necessary repairs as required.

Ian is a “hands on “owner and manager of his business, not just someone who does estimates and contracts out the work. He was on the job site start to finish. He is very fair in his estimates and provides positive feedback on how to help preserve log homes for years to come. Ian and Performance Log Finishers is licensed and insured, including Workman’s Compensation insurance. His company is one that my wife and I highly recommend for log home repairs and restoration. We have a few additional repairs that are needed and we will be using Performance Log Finishers to accomplish this work.

Performance Log Finishers a company that you can use for the “long haul” for maintenance and repairs to all types of log homes.
Chet and Leslie L.
I hired Ian and his crew to repair, Chink, And stain my log home, His work was outstanding. He paid very close attention to the smallest detail and restored it to it's original condition. He is very organized, each person has his own part of the job to perform and they do it like a precision machine.

Ian starts work early each day and works late until the job is completed. Also, he is not one to add on cost as the job progresses unlike some contractors as they go through the job they say well you need this and you need that, and this will be extra cost. Ian does not work that way. He took a real good look at the house in the beginning, gave us an estimate for the entire job from start to finish and he stood by it. The estimate he gave us, Is the price it cost us. We were very happy with the results, The house came out Beautiful. I would recommend Ian to anyone who owns a log home. If you have any questions on Ian's ability or performance, Please feel to give me a call. At 352-629-3849.
Lillian F. Sanchez
Performance Log Finishes, LLC 2130 Pine Tree Drive Edgewater, Florida 32141 Attention: Ian Wenzel
Dear Ian,

Once again, I want to thank you for such an excellent experience in dealing with you and your friendly conscientious staff. Your crew was courteous and left everything tidy each day. The job started on time and in spite of adverse weather finished in a timely manor. We are most pleased with every aspect.

In the future please feel free to use as a reference.
Fred A.
We bought our log cabin 4 years ago. It was a total wreck from years of neglect - carpenter ants/bees, water damage/staining from leaking roof and skylights, etc. But it was 6 beautiful acres with a private lake one hour from the city... Before we made the decision to tear the house down and start over, we met Ian and his team.

They literally "camped out" in the house for 6 weeks and totally stripped/stained and resealed the entire house! Four bedrooms, two full baths, great room, kitchen, hallways and the entire outside- including a wrap around deck- was refurbished and protected. And Ian has stayed in touch every year-he just checked on us and this past summer re-sealed the home’s exterior.

The house is our weekend refuge from our insanely, busy work week. We are there almost every Friday night. The stress just melts away as we pull onto our road and see the perfect house up on the hill overlooking our lake.

It's great to know we have someone like Ian if we have any issues. He's always reachable and does a great job!
Judith S.
Our two story Cypress Log Home was sawed from our own B & D Cypress Sawmill in 1978-79 and we built it ourselves and maintained it. We applied the stain to the logs every two to three years ourselves.

One day I went to a Log Home Business to ask what kind of stain they recommend because we did not like the brand we were using. The manager gave me a list and was very helpful. But he also suggested that instead of us doing the work ourselves that he knew a very outstanding professional technician named Ian Wenzel with Performance Log Finishers and gave me his phone number.

Right in his office we called Ian and he sounded so professional we made an appointment with Ian to come to our log home the next day.

Ian came to our Log Home with all information of what he does from start to finish. He had a list of each step with prices. Surface Preparation; Chinking; and Staining. We signed a contract with him to do our Log Home.

The job was finished on time and our beautiful home looked liked new logs again. We paid the balance when the work was done.

We were so pleased with the customer service and the professional technicians work we asked Ian if he could restore our porch deck. It goes half way around the house. He said yes; so we ordered new cypress boards from a local Cypress sawmill and 8x8 posts and railings. The new deck; the new posts; the new railings; the new steps and the rafters were stained. The construction restoration turned out great and the porch deck looks like new and is solid. We paid for this project and are very satisfied.

We had another project for Ian. My mother's home is attached to the side of our log home. We asked Ian to do the same treatment to her home: surface preparation; chinking and staining her carport. Another Satisfied job completed. We paid the balance for this project when it was finished.

We are so pleased with his performance that we asked Ian if he could stain our 8 bay car garage. Of course he said yes. So Ian finished this project also. We paid the balance for the garage after it was finished.

We put up a 300-foot long new wood fence and Ian's professional technician stained both sides and posts by the time we needed it finished.

We also had Ian stain our re-enforced Gazebo. We had him stain our re-enforced showcase shed in front of yard used for display of each holiday scenes. We had Ian stain two yard swings; picnic table; 3 benches. We had two new windows replaced on second floor.

Ian tore down our old step railings and rebuilt and stained new step railings up the sidewalk so we have something to hold on to when we go up or down the steps and put groceries etc on so we can open the door when we want to go inside the house.

Ian and his professional technician were ready to start work every morning before 7:30 a.m. He was there whether it was cold or raining. When it rained he was chinking on the porch so he never wasted time. We could always count on Ian being on the job. He put a full day in and always had something completed when it was time to go home. He always let us know how much stain he used or had left over. Ian made our log home and property a beautiful showcase. Ian was always willing to help and please his customer. Ian is very honest and dependable and professional.

A person called me and wanted to have the company's phone number that was doing our log home. They wanted work done on their log home also. We gave them Ian's phone number and he went to their place after he finished here.

By now you can tell we have a new member to our family and a close friend. We are very satisfied with all the work Ian Wenzel did for us.
Connie and Bob from Florida
Thank you for your prompt work. The crew you sent was great, a couple of well-mannered and sharp workers.
Darlene W.
Thank you and the team for your patience and service for us over this past month. The house looks great and pass on my gratitude.
D. Moench Nashville, TN
Thanks for the work, David did a GREAT job! He was very easy to work with. Look forward to doing business in the future.
John and Ken C.
In 2006 my wife and I had a log home built in Jefferson County Florida. When we ordered the stain we ordered dark oak, when it was applied it was almost black. We were both sick, but we were at the end of what we had budgeted for the job and was stuck with it.

In five years we knew we needed to have the logs caulked and chinked. I hit the internet looking for someone reputable to do the job. We found three companies that looked like they could do the work. After talking to all three, two in person and one on the phone we settled on Performance Log Homes. Ian drove from New Smyrna Beach to Monticello just to talk to us and give us an estimate...talk about going the extra mile try extra 500 miles.

Ian brought his team in and they got right to work. They media blasted off all the old black stain, took it right down to the bare logs. They applied mold killer and borate treatment.1 coat of Perma-Chink Prelude, 2 coats of Perma-Chink Lifeline Ultra 2 stain and one coat of clear coat. They Perma-Chinked all the log seams, corners, roof line seams and log checks greater than 1/4".

The house looks great. We have not had any wasp nests, mud daubers or spiders since the work has been done. I don't have the exact figures at this time, but our electric bill has been reduced substantially. I highly recommend Performance Log Homes for any type of log home treatment.
VP Hurtado
We highly recommend Performance Log Finishers; they did everything they promised and more. They were very easy to work with and great attitude, from owner and all the workers. They had great workmanship and quality.
Mr. & Mrs. Furr Dade City, FL
Performance Log Finishers had excellent workmanship in a very timely manner. I was very satisfied with the value for the price, quality and appearance. They were very flexible with their pricing, terms and agreements. There crew members were very polite, knowledgeable and trustworthy on the job. They always left the job site cleaned when leaving at the end of the day. I was very pleased with all phases of my "little piece of heaven"
Mr. S Jacksonville, FL
Performance Log Finishers did a wonderful job. I wish I had used them when the home was originally constructed. It is now 12 years old and had water damage. They repaired the damage and the house never looked so good, even new. I highly recommend this group.
Duke W.