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Two Advantages of Chinking on Log Homes

by | Log Home Tips

When you are thinking about different materials that you can use on your home’s interior or exterior, chinking remains a popular option for log cabin style homes. This is a material that is commonly used for both its aesthetic and functional benefits because of its affordability and relative ease of use. With a closer look at what these advantages are, you may decide that applying chinking on your log cabin home is a great option for you.

Functional Benefits

With a true log cabin style home, there are inevitably gaps that form in between the logs. These gaps make the home susceptible to air leaks and even pest and rodent infestations, and there is a need to seal the gaps in some way. Chinking can be made from natural or synthetic materials, and it essentially provides an airtight seal in between these gaps. The home immediately becomes more energy efficient, and this can help you to keep your energy bills lower. In addition, issues with pests and rodents entering the home through the gaps in the logs is significantly reduced. The material is highly durable and relatively easy to maintain, making it an ideal material to use for this purpose.

Aesthetic Benefits

While chinking provides you with several true functional benefits to your log cabin style home, it also is designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the property. This is a material that generally is lighter in hue, and because of this, it provides a clear delineation or border between the logs. Essentially, it enables you to easily view each of the logs, and it serves an aesthetic purpose that is similar to mortar that is used in a brick building. Because it is so easy and affordable to maintain, it will continue to promote aesthetic style inside the home as well as on the exterior for years to come with minimal cost to you.

While there are several different materials that you can use for your home’s interior and exterior surfaces, chinking is commonly used to seal gaps between logs in a log cabin home. Whether you are building a log cabin home from the ground up or you need to make some repairs to your existing home, you can consider contacting us for assistance with your log home repairs. We can provide you with quality installation or repair services to help you to enjoy the functional and aesthetic benefits of chinking.

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