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"We bought our log cabin four years ago. It was a total wreck from years of neglect - carpenter ants/bees, water damage/staining from leaking roof and skylights, etc. But it was six beautiful acres with a private lake one hour from the city... Before we made the decision to tear the house down and start over, we met Ian and his team.

They literally "camped out" in the house for six weeks and totally stripped/stained and resealed the entire house! Four bedrooms, two full baths, great room, kitchen, hallways and the entire outside- including a wrap around deck- was refurbished and protected. And Ian has stayed in touch every year. He just checked on us and this past summer re-sealed the home’s exterior.

The house is our weekend refuge from our insanely, busy workweek. We are there almost every Friday night. The stress just melts away as we pull onto our road and see the perfect house up on the hill overlooking our lake. It's great to know we have someone like Ian if we have any issues. He's always reachable and does a great job!"

Judith Sampson

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Building A Log Cabin: One Smart Decision

Log homes are popular for some very sound reasons. In an article, “Benefits of Log Homes”, real estate expert TC Thorn Advantages mentioned some of the same reasons many of our customers say drive them to build a log house:

1. Building a log cabin home involves increased levels of craftsmanship. The higher level of expertise needed to build log homes means they regularly have a higher appraised value than similarly sized conventional homes. Log homes sell for more on a square foot by square foot basis.

2. There are many stories of log homes surviving “the worst Mother Nature has thrown at them, including the big 2005 hurricanes, Katrina and Rita. Unlike walls in traditional homes, which are just frames covered with insulation and drywall, log homes are solid wood. There are still-standing, still-occupied log homes in Europe dating back more than 800 years.”

3. “Compared to a cold piece of drywall, wood is warm to the touch. Logs also have something called thermal mass going for them; all that dense, solid wood is energy efficient, keeping temperatures inside the home comfortable year around.”

4. “If your log house is built and sealed properly, it will be very energy efficient. This means you spend less money on heating and cooling throughout the year. Many log home manufacturers create kits designed to be 15-20% more efficient than a conventional home.”

5. “Log homes are usually quieter than stick-built homes. Those dense logs have sound-deadening effects. That means you can block out everything from outside noises to your kid's basement drum solos. No need for ear plugs, thank you.”

6. “One last benefit, is that it's easy to maintain log homes and keep them free of mold, mildew, and insect infestations. In traditional homes, there are sealed wall cavities where everything from mold, termites, and rats can get in and thrive. Log homes don't have those dank hollows. To inspect for problems, all you have to do is take a walk around your home and check out the condition of the logs. This makes it easy to catch problems earlier and get them taken care of before they become costly situations.”

A South Carolina log house building project by log cabin builder Performance Log Homes. Log House Builders Performance Log Homes built  this Log Home in Florida. Building a log cabin home in Georgia is difficult without an expert log home construction company.
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