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"We bought our log cabin four years ago. It was a total wreck from years of neglect - carpenter ants/bees, water damage/staining from leaking roof and skylights, etc. But it was six beautiful acres with a private lake one hour from the city... Before we made the decision to tear the house down and start over, we met Ian and his team.

They literally "camped out" in the house for six weeks and totally stripped/stained and resealed the entire house! Four bedrooms, two full baths, great room, kitchen, hallways and the entire outside- including a wrap around deck- was refurbished and protected. And Ian has stayed in touch every year. He just checked on us and this past summer re-sealed the home’s exterior.

The house is our weekend refuge from our insanely, busy workweek. We are there almost every Friday night. The stress just melts away as we pull onto our road and see the perfect house up on the hill overlooking our lake. It's great to know we have someone like Ian if we have any issues. He's always reachable and does a great job!"

Judith Sampson

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Log Home Corn Blasting & Media Blasting

Log home corncob blasting or media blasting is the best technique to maintain and preserve the exterior wood of your log home. Cob blasting cleans the surface of logs, removing dirt and debris, to restore the original appearance to your log home. In some cases, media basting using sand or glass may be a more effective way to clean some log surfaces.

Advantages of Cob Blasting

Corn Cob blasting is a waterless process and is safe for your plants, shrubs and the environment.Corncob is an effective blast media for cleaning log homes without damaging the wood surface. It’s virtually dust free, biodegradable and cost effective.

Types of Corn Blasting Media

Corn media comes in 5 different grit sizes from extra fine to extra course. Restoration experts select grit size and amount needed for log home blasting based on condition of wood logs, surface area to be blasted and degree of cleaning required.

Corncob Blasting – Leave It To The Pros

Corn Cob Blasting needs to be done with great care with heavy-duty commercial equipment. Proper protection, including a special hood, air intake system, and OSHA approved protective corn blasting gear must be used to protect the operator.Corn and media blast experts will avoid fixating on one particular area for so long as to "eat" through the log. Many long-term log homeowners order exterior corn or media blasting yearly and blast interior walls every 2-3 years.

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