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Our team at Performance Log Finishers is dedicated to helping you learn everything you need to get started on a new build and care for your existing log cabin for years to come. Take a look at our following tips and contact us if there is a topic that you would like us to address.
Demystifying Common Misconceptions About Log Cabins

Demystifying Common Misconceptions About Log Cabins

Building your own log cabin or purchasing one can be quite a challenge to undertake in itself but with myths about log cabins aplenty, it can seem even more arduous. While buyers should consider the potential pitfalls of their purchase, it would be wise to sift the truth from the lies. These myths usually come from misinformed sources and more often from people who have never owned or a rented a log cabin. This article will try and put to bed a few common myths surrounding log cabins. Log Homes Can Rot Easily As long as log homes are constructed properly from kiln-dried, pre-treated logs to resist both shrinkage and damage from termites, then it is not likely to rot any faster than other homes made with wood. Logs can crack as they dry out and from temperature fluctuations but this is no cause for concern, as long as there is proper maintenance performed on log structures. The best way...

Questions You Should Ask Before A Log Home Restoration

Performance Log Homes recommends that you should know the answers to these questions before beginning on the restoration project of your log home gets for the best results.

  • Who is the manufacturer of the log package?
  • What species of log has been used?
  • Have additions been made to the original structure?
  • What materials have been used in maintenance applications so far?
  • Who constructed the structure and how old is it?
  • Are there any known problem areas? Any known coating or sealing failures?
  • What should the structure look like when you’re done?
  • What is your workable budget to restore my log home?
  • Is there a priority list for the work?
The most important three questions that you should be clued in on before a log home restoration project are:

  • What methods are used to remove the existing finish?
  • What is the estimated cost of a log home restoration?
  • How long does it take to finish restoration work?

What Methods Are Used To Remove The Existing Finish?

The three methods currently in use for removal of any existing finish on your log home are sanding, media blasting or sanding and each offer unique benefits.

  1. Ozzying (Sanding) uses an osborne brush or buffing pads at changing speeds of right angle grinder.
  2. Media Blasting is performed with corn cob granule, glass, walnut shells, or food grade baking soda.
  3. Chemical Strippers -This step of removing an existing finish from your log home requires the greatest amount of time in the restoration project. It is very important to get this right and strip off any existing finish completely so that you have a clean canvas to work on.

As a log home owner, do due diligence before selecting one of these methods. You will need to work out which method would suit your budget and needs best. When hiring a pro, do check out the contractors past work to get a clear picture of what the end result may look like.

Surprising Facts About Log Cabins

People have been long been struck by cabin fever from way back around 3500 B.C. to the current times. Log cabins have seen many changes through history and have gone from being simple wood- structure shelters to luxurious and sprawling log homes for the rich and famous.  Log cabins are breathtakingly beautiful, efficient and cost-effective too. So more people have taken to building and living in log homes. Here are some surprising facts about log homes. 1. The Humble Beginnings Of Log Homes The origin of log homes is highly debated and it cannot be traced to a particular date. But log cabins came about in Northern Europe around 3500 B.C. during the Bronze Age. According to Vitruvius Pollio, a Roman architect, log cabins can be traced to Pontus or what is now North-eastern Turkey, where...

Designing Ceilings For Log Homes

Log cabin interiors should exude a sense of luxury and a state-of-the-art finish ceiling can help it do just that.  A unique and original ceiling design can give your living room or the dining area, the kitchen or the bedroom an individual character to impress one and all. The ceiling is unfortunately a sad afterthought in most log homes because most people think it does not require much attention. But ceilings massively influence the look and feel of a room. Wood ceilings may seem like a foregone conclusion in a log home but even drywall or plaster ceilings can dramatize the space in your home. Your ceilings have a big impact on your log home interiors, so do focus on the types of ceilings you can opt for. Your log home can really stand out with beautiful cathedral ceilings, exposed...

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